Meet Our Team:

The Swing Nation

Meet Dan & Lacy!

What happens when the sexy southern unicorn meets the charming northern stud??  The ultimate swinger couple is born!

A little back history about us, we met in June 2019, and it was all pineapples and hearts that led us to get married that following October 2020. We knew that together, we could really be great and make a difference in people’s lives, so we then decided to start our Podcast “The Swing Nation” in August 2021.

Our mission is to teach, and educate people about the lifestyle while also bringing fun and love into the lifestyle. We love to travel to events to meet new people, while also hosting our own to bring more people together. Go to our homepage to follow us on Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook group page, so you can stay up to date on what big things we do next!

Marketing Director

Meet Meg!

Meg started our team in November 2021. She is our Marketing Director who is the face of our emails, while also directing our social media posts, coordinating events, and handling the business side of our podcast and sponsorships.

She has an artistic side from being a makeup artist, while also being a TikTok creator herself with 10k followers! Her talented ways not only shine in her home-life but also in her work by having a great eye for artistic and inventive ways to promote.

She is a super mom to four kids, while also being a first responders wife. She truly knows how to juggle multiple tasks at once from having to direct her four kids daily. When she is not losing her mind chasing her four kids and husband around, we get the joy to have her beauty and wisdom part of our team. 

MultiMedia Director

Meet Ashlyn!

Ashlyn joined our team in December 2021. She is our Multimedia Director and helps create, manage, produce, and direct all our content and media to all platforms. She is also the creator of this website, our logos and all the graphics you see on here.

She’s been creative all her life since the start of coding websites back in the Myspace days or crafting homemade projects. She has a visionary side and it really shows not only in her work but also in her own social media accounts while having over 450K followers on TikTok!

She is a social media influencer, a mom, a wife, a crazy cat lady, a fitness coach, and she is currently in college full-time to receive two degrees with one of them in Surgical Technology. When she is not running out of breath from her busy life, we get the joy to have her beauty and brain a part of our amazing team.

VP/Technology Director

Meet Jeff & Erynn!

Jeff joined the team in late 2021 and is our Vice-President and Co-founder of Swinger Society.  He also serves as our Director of Technology, overseeing all operations of our Discord Community and Swinger Society website community

Jeff has always had a knack for the technical and as such, very much enjoys his time optimizing and improving anything he can.  While in the midst of all things technical and “geeky”, Jeff very much enjoys getting out to hunt and fish when he can.
He is a father of three girls and married to the love of his life, Erynn.  They’ve been together for over 10 years and love being able to enjoy everything life has to offer.  His wife Erynn is also a key component in looking over Jeff’s shoulder to make sure anything he creates for us, has a “woman’s touch” on it. Jeff is a retired police officer after being injured in the line of duty.  Jeff and Erynn have been heavily involved in the lifestyle community for about 8 years, they both pride themselves on being able to share and educate those around them while providing guidance in the lifestyle.