Tips and Tricks to Using SDC

As many of you know we here at The Swing Nation love to use SDC. com to connect with other swingers. If you’re newer to the lifestyle you may feel a little overwhelmed when visiting a swinger connection site. Here are some tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your SDC Membership. Still not a member of SDC? Click here to join and get a free 14 day trial.

When filling out your SDC profile there is a questionnaire for you and your partner to fill out. It asks personal things, like your hair color, body build, etc. More importantly though are the questions pertaining to what you are looking for as a couple. It’s crucial you and your partner have an in-depth discussion about what you each want out of a SDC profile and that you’re honest about it with each other and on the profile. There are questions like, “How Important Are Looks,” and “How Important is Intelligence.” Don’t be afraid of what others may think of your answers, just be as honest as you can so that you can meet couples/individuals you will actually have a positive connection with.

The truth is, we probably all looked a lot better in our twenties, but that doesn’t mean as a 30 or 40 something year old you should be using photos from ten + years ago on your SDC profile. People want to see how you look now! Bonus Tip, stop with the snapchat filters in your photos. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who looks nothing like their photos.

Having trouble finding other couples to connect with on SDC? Create a speed date! You can find a babysitter, free up a weekend, and then put that weekend as available on the speed date along with your location. This lets other couples know you are free to meet up that weekend. No, a speed date does NOT have to be just sex. Many couples choose to hang out before every playing, and they go to dinner, on the lake, bowling, etc. Be honest about what you are looking for in your speed date details.

You can scroll down on the left side of your membership page on SDC and see where it says “Travel Calendar.” Not only is this a great place to view couples traveling to your area that you might not usually have the chance to meet, but you can also put in your own travel plans. Whether you’re traveling to a new city or an adult resort, by entering your travel plans you are letting other couples/singles in the area know you are available where they live on certain dates. This gives you even more opportunity to connect with others!

If you scroll on your profile or another member’s you will see an area labeled “Validations.” This lets you know that other people have met this person/couple, they are REAL, and gives you a little picture of what their encounter was like. This gives you great insight into what a person/couple may be like and also allows you feel a little safer. Whenever you do meet up with another individual/couple from SDC make sure you validate them to let people know they are ‘real’. Don’t be afraid to ask for a validation from them as well. Validations show you’re experienced and legitimate.

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